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Sep 22, 2012 1:30am EDT
battleground states that the gap is increasing in places like virginia and iowa where this was supposed to be a real fight to the finish and now watching where he says he's going to go -- they all go back to ohio. but a lot of these states. wisconsin, all of a sudden a problem. >> it's a combination of things. it's that one question in the poll. so-and-so understands problems we're facing. he's polling terribly. he's spending most of his time at fundraisers, not at campaign rallies. in vermont, of all places. >> here's the other problem i think mitt romney has and it's not his fault and that is americans are feeling more optimistic about their economic future. gwen: they still think it's the wrong track. >> sure, if you ask if you're better off, it's still in the 40% range. if americans are feeling more optimistic, they maybe feel they don't need to fire the guy who's in office and maybe bill clinton convinced them they ought to be more patient. gwen: paul ryan got booed at the aarp gathering in new orleans today. >> if first step so -- to a stronger medicare is to repeal obama
Sep 29, 2012 6:30pm EDT
. what are the states you are charting? >> you are looking at florida, virginia, ohio. i think it's very telling that at this point, the romney campaign is -- and he was there in michigan or today and said he thought he would be competitive there and thought he would win. no ads so far up there for his campaign. if you look at one state that he seems to be doing well in, that's north carolina. obama won that by 14,000 votes. gwen: that's really narrow. >> a state like indiana, that was a state that obama won last time. romney will win that. everyone is surprised that all of these polls are pretty much saying obama is in command of the lead. chuck talked about they lost august. one reading is that they lost the summer, the romney campaign. if you look at obama did, they did, at the start of this race was in may. that's when they started going out with tough ads and framing romney as someone who wasn't in touch with the middle class and the tax issue, him releasing his tax returns. he was always on the defensive and now he has a lot of ground to make up. gwen: is there an argument to
Sep 14, 2012 8:00pm EDT
, florida, and virginia. they kind of need that. what's going on? >> the country feels better with it -- about itself according to the right track-wrong track numbers, since the end of both conventions. the second convention was the democratic convention. the bounce seems to be -- gwen: we should point out none of this is in the wake of the foreign policy -- >> no. and on the economic issues the president is closing the gap and on the foreign policy issues he's widening it. among key demographic groups, those who earn for -- more than $ 0,000s he's competitive with romney. and among those who are single, minorities, he is expanding his lead. where romney needs to gain he is either losing or just keeping steady. >> why are those thingng happening? i think the reason is because governor romney has made a compefrling case that the economy didn't -- srnt good enough but he has to take it further and say why shoe hire him him -- him instead and he hasn't been able to, at least not with enough voters. as time goes on in the campaign, he's losing opportunities to do that, so therefore we hav
Aug 31, 2012 9:35pm EDT
, virginia, iowa. so it will take a while to find out if the people who still aren't sold on him were sort of won over by this humanizing of him. that's what we saw throughout the whole week. an effort to highlight every chapter of his life. he's had a hard time sort of doing this himself. all of his advisers say he does not like to talk about himself. he's uncomfortable in that respect. so he summoned all kinds of people from different walks of his life to give testimonials. so i think in that respect, i think he did sort of improve the perception of himself. but we will find out at the end of the day if that's enough to get people to vote for him. it was kind of a joint message, fire obama, hire romney and we have 67 days to see if it worked. gwen: but who's counting? >> right. gwen: i want to get back to the fire obama part. we're here in charlotte to watch the democrats but i was cure ow, humanizing part which he and ann romney seemed to some way resist doing too much of, so they got others to do it for them. and then there was emphasis on the convention floor, diversity of voices, esp
Sep 7, 2012 8:00pm PDT
still the same guy today. >> a congressman from virginia who lost in 2010 after voting for health care, he used an interesting phrase about liberals and their disappointment with obama. he says that in any relationship, there's passion and great heat at first and it settles into a relationship of trust and dependence and we're moving into that with president obama. in his view. that's obviously maybe wishful thinking but that's where the democrats would like to be. >> what i was struck by on the first night the energy in the hall compared to what we had seen in tampa the first night. i remember being on the floor in florida the first night, and the aisles were wide open and pretty empty and people were talking through the early evening speakers. and you just did not have a sense and it surprised me because we know that there's great energy within the republican party to defeat president obama. but it didn't seem evident in tampa. the first night in charlotte, it was totally different. that hall was alive. they had all the signs for every speaker in the audience was very much engaged wi
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)